fuel control valve gas turbine


In April 2012, Turbine Technology Services was involved in the conversion project of two legacy GE Frame 5001 gas turbines at a Mississippi area power station. The units, which were originally installed with the GE Fuel Regulator Turbine Control System, supply power and steam via a heat recovery systems generator.

Waterwash problems

Abdulmajeed A. Ali of Saudi Aramco presented a case study on gas turbine failure due to an improperly designed waterwash system at the ASME/IGTI show this year in Vancouver. Here's a snapshot of the presentation.


As part of a retrofit contract with the Petrom Refinery in Rumania, Voith has launched a newly developed way valve module at the end of 2011. The module will be delivered for the modernization of the control system of a GE steam turbine. The turbine drives an Ingersoll-Rand compressor. Commissioning is scheduled for early 2012.    

WTUI conference

The Western Turbine Users Inc. (WTUI) Conference 2011 took place in Palm Springs, California in March. This user group exists to provide members a forum for the exchange of technical, operations and maintenance information and experience to improve reliability and economic viability of GE LM series power facilities. While attendance was slightly down, it is maintaining a generally higher range above 900 attendees. 300 first time attendees were among the crowd.

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