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Siemens R-R


Centrax Gas Turbines has expanded its range of power generation products in an agreement with Siemens to package two of Siemens gas turbines product ranges. Under the agreement both the Siemens SGT-300 and SGT-400 gas turbines will be packaged at the Centrax UK plant in Newton Abbot.

wind turbine

Siemens Energy has installed the first prototype of its next generation offshore wind turbine in Høvsøre, Denmark, and has today initiated the first trial operation. The new SWT-6.0-120 wind turbine with a power rating of 6 megawatts (MW) and a rotor diameter of 120 metres uses direct drive  technology. Nacelle and rotor of the SWT-6.0-120 weigh together less than 350 tons. 

bearing fluting VFD


Used increasingly to save energy, variable frequency drives cause unwanted voltages on motor shafts. If not diverted, the resulting currents discharge through bearings, causing fusion craters on bearing race walls. Over time, this bearing fluting can lead to noise, vibration, failure and catastrophic motor failure.

Man Turbo Diesel package

Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) awarded Man Diesel & Turbo a multi-million euro contract for its Bergemeer Gas Storage facility in Alkmaar, Netherlands. The scope of delivery includes six integrated, skid-mounted compressor systems. Each 13 MW motor-compressor unit, weighing more than 80 metric tons, consists of a tandem compressor arrangement, generating a flow of 540,000 cubic meters per hour.

Alstom upgrade


At PowerGen Europe this week Alstom announced the latest upgrade to its KA26 combined-cycle power plant offerings, based on improvements to the GT26 gas turbine. The enhanced KA26 gas-fired power plant can deliver more than 500 MW, can be started up in less than 30 minutes, and ramp up to more than 350 MW in less than 15 minutes from low load, said Mark Coxon, senior VP of the company’s gas business.

ASME sessions

With almost 1000 technical papers on the subject of turbomachinery on offer during four days of intensive sessions, it’s hard to beat the ASME’s Turbo Expo as a source of leading edge technology. While a good portion deals with the theoretical and experimental, plenty of it addresses existing technology as well as upcoming developments.

US nuclear



GE’s FlexEfficiency technology has been selected for an innovative new power plant being developed by MetCap Energy Investments, a Turkish project developer. The project will produce the world’s first Integrated Renewables Combined Cycle (IRCC) Power Plant.

GE flexible plant


GE and Harbin Electric Co., Ltd. (HE) today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in which HE agreed to purchase GE’s newest breakthrough gas turbine featuring FlexEfficiency technology. As part of the MOU, HE plans to purchase four 9FB gas turbines from GE before the end of 2013, including two that will incorporate FlexEfficiency technology. The purchases are subject to HE being awarded projects, most likely for district heating applications in China.


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