Hybrid intake air cooling


Hybrid intake air cooling



 PRÜFTECHNIK AG and Aimil Ltd are bringing their cooperation to the next level. A joint venture established under the name PRÜFTECHNIK Aimil Technical Services Limited started operation on 1 September 2011. Combining expertise of both partners, high-end machinery service will be offered in South Asia. Special focus will be placed on turbine alignment, turbine diaphragm alignment and thermal growth measurements, setting new standards for precision machinery service in the region.

European IGCC

The European H2-IGCC project's goal is to enable combustion of undiluted hydrogen-rich syngas with low NOX emissions and also  allowing for high fuel flexibility. The challenge is to operate a stable  and controllable gas turbine on hydrogen-rich  syngas with emissions and processes similar to current state-of-the-art natural gas turbine engines. The first year achievements of this four-year project have been announced.

President Chromalloy

Chromalloy, a leading producer of turbine engine repairs and advanced coatings,  has appointed Carlo Luzzatto, formerly co-general manager at Ansaldo Energia, as president. Luzzatto succeeds Lauzon, who held the leadership position since 2008.  Lauzon will become the company’s Chief Executive Officer and is also Chief Executive Officer of Sequa Corporation, Chromalloy’s parent company.

Shah gas project

Abu Dhabi, with more than 200 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves, boasts one the biggest gas basins in the world, but much of it is sour. The Shah Gas project is viewed by many as central to Abu Dhabi's ability to maintain economic growth, for unlike its vast oil reserves, which are tapped for export, the gas will be used almost exclusively for domestic power generation.

Chromalloy San Diego

Chromalloy, an independent provider of repairs, services and solutions for aerospace and industrial gas turbine engines, has unveiled its newly renovated turbine engine repair center and service depot in San Diego, CA.

The expanded and remodeled engine center now provides turbine parts repairs and overhaul, leasing services, workscope management, and module refurbishment.  The 110,000 square foot facility also has the only engine test cell on the U.S. West Coast providing monitoring and evaluation for JT8D engines.

MAN Diesel


MAN Diesel & Turbo secures order for 24 compressor units for an integrated chemical complex in Chongqing, China. The order size is about 50 million Euro. Designed as a combined plant, the chemical complex will be involved in the large-scale production of industrial gases and chemical raw materials for further processing, e.g. to produce plastics such as polyurethanes (PU) and PVC. MAN delivers the process gas screw compressor units. The total capital investment is over 4 billion Euro.



During the last year, two major events occurred that will contribute to increased demand for gas turbines for power generation. The Fukushima nuclear reactor incident will most likely result in a worldwide decrease in new nuclear power plant construction, and resulting increase in combined cycle construction. Germany relied on nuclear power for 23 percent of its electricity, but shut down eight of its plants last March, and announced plans to phase out all civil nuclear power plants by 2020.

Siemens PTA

\"\"Siemens Energy has received an order for the supply of a new compressor train for expansion of the Ibn Rushd PTA (purified terephthalic acid) plant in Saudi Arabia. Purchaser is Taiwan's CTCI Corporation, the largest engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company in Taiwan. End customer is the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), one of the world's leading producers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals.


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