Chromalloy announced today that it is developing a new Technology Center of Excellence in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, dedicated to the research and development of services for gas turbine engine including repairs, parts and coatings. As part of the new facility, the company also intends to move its corporate headquarters to the new technology center in Palm BeachGardens, from the current headquarters operation in Orangeburg, N.Y. 

The company’s technical staff is currently located at engineering centers throughout the company, including the Turbine Design Analytics Group in Stuart, Fla.  Technical staff is preparing to relocate to the new technology center and new staff also will be hired for the new technology center.

Chromalloy recently unveiled the development plans for the technology center to employees and will begin building out the leased 30,000 square foot facility in Palm BeachGardens with labs, office space and a 10,000 square foot warehouse. The facility is in an industrial park in Palm BeachGardens and will house up to 52 technical, executive and administrative staff.  Development of the Technology Center of Excellence and headquarters facility will be completed by the fourth quarter of 2011.

In recent years Chromalloy has continued to develop its business and operations in Florida.  In 2010 the company expanded its turbine engine component casting operation in Tampa with a new $30 million facility that serves customers around the world.  In February Chromalloy broke ground on a new $5 million ceramic core facility that will be built adjacent to the casting foundry. 

Chromalloy’s joint venture company, Belac LLC, which designs and manufactures turbine engine components, is located nearby in Oldsmar, Fla.  BELAC is operated by Chromalloy and its airline partners, Lufthansa and United.  Chromalloy’s parent organization, Sequa Corporation, is headquartered in Tampa.