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1. What is your primary business at this location?

Oil & Gas refining, Processing, Drilling, Exploration or Pipeline

Chemical/Petrochemical or Industrial Processing

Electric Power Utility, Municipal or On-Site Generation

Non-utility Power Generation/IPP or CHP Installation

Consulting Services



Marine Application

Aircraft, Commercial & Military

Manufacturer or Packager of Turbomachinery and Related Equipment

Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine or Compressor Overhaul, Maintenance, Repair and Service Facility


Other (please specify):

2. What is your primary job function?

Corporate or Administrative Management

Engineering (including installation) or Research & Development Management

Operations, Maintenance & Quality Control

Application Marketing

Engineering Instructor or University Professor


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3. Turbomachinery or systems you are involved in? (Check all that apply)

Steam Turbines

Gas Turbines


Total Energy Systems

Cogeneration Systems


Hydro Turbines


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